Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Male ingenuity

Living with three men is never a dull moment. I am continuously impressed by their ability to provide every day with laughter and profound thoughts. Here are three snapshots of male ingenuity that I'd like to share:

Luke, bless his heart, is our slightly anal retentive roomie who organizes the clothes in his closet by both color and type. All the striped polo shirts are together and they get dressier on down the line. He also labels all his food so as to make sure no one steals his Frosted Mini Wheats or the box of Crunchy Golden Fish Fillets (AKA: fish sticks).

Andrew, a new dog owner, is concerned with maintaining a pleasant odor in our home. To compensate for our precious pup, he has paper clipped a dryer sheet on the air vent on the ceiling. The genius of this is that whenever the heat turns on, the room is filled with our favorite Downy fresh scent.

Brandon, the resident vegetarian, has taken to making S.T.I.G. for dinner. In my naivete, the first time I saw it, I asked "What on earth is that"? He replied "S**t That I Got". It's a desperate attempt to concoct something tasty for dinner and avoid multiple trips to the grocery store. The recipe is simple: put all your leftovers in a pot, add olive oil, serve over rice.

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